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  • In tightly-packed London, we’ve often given our customers EDMs in order for them to monitor surrounding buildings for movement during works. It’s obviously a very necessary task, but can be a nuisance to tie up an engineer having to make periodic measurements throughout the day when there are plenty of other jobs to be done.


    This is why we were delighted to see the new AutoMeasuring module for X-PAD survey software on Android being released. Used with the Zoom90 robotic EDM, the instrument can then be set to perform automatic measuring sessions on a set of defined points at time durations set by the user. The engineer and site manager can then receive periodic emails with updates of the latest measurements, whilst being free to execute other tasks.


    It’s an elegant solution to a problem that anyone working in London or a highly populated area will certainly have faced, and being on android, it’s intuitively useable to anyone who has used a smartphone.

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