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  • Established in 1992 in France, Agatec is a brand name that will be familiar to anyone that has worked in construction in the past few decades. By developing innovative products, Agatec expanded its business from the French market to all the major European countries, overseas and in Asia, where in 2003 it opened its own production facility.
    In 2006, Agatec joined the Hexagon group, the leading global provider of integrated design, measurement and visualization technologies. Under the Hexagon umbrella, Agatec joined forces with GeoMax, a global specialist in development, production and distribution of surveying and construction equipment, to offer a complete portfolio for all applications.
    So through Geomax, Surveytech is pleased to act as a distributor for Agatec products, giving us even more flexibility and options to find the right product for you. This includes the Agatec CL30, the smallest crossline laser on the market, perfect for interior use, or the hugely popular Agatape and DM100 laser measurers that can be used by anyone from estate agents to camera operators for quick and accurate distance measuring.

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