Our technicians have been trained at Geomax International Headquarters in Wulfrath, Germany in the service of pipe lasers including the Zeta125 and 125s, rotating lasers including the Zone and Agatec spectrum and grade lasers as well as the full range of manual total stations including the Zipp10 Series, Zipp20 series, Zoom20 Pro and accXess series, Zoom30 Pro series and Zoom35 Pro series. Our workshop is fully kitted out with the latest in collimation technology and we keep some spare items in stock so that repairs will be speedy, getting your instrument back out and avoiding lost days of work.

We have also been trained by Cable Detection and equipped with a full rig for calibration of their Ezisystem range. Make sure you get your Cable detectors calibrated annually so that you're not held liable in case of a strike!


Price for Calibration (excl. VAT):

Automatic Level - £20

Rotating Laser - £45

Grade Laser - £60

Pipe Laser - £40

Electronic Theodolite - £50

Total Station - £105

Robotic Total Station - £195

CAT - £60

Genny/Signal Generator - £55


For service enquiries, email or call us on

0208 640 2960