Survey Technology Day 3rd July

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We love technology and how it can transform people’s lives and work, so we try to make it as easy as possible to embrace innovation. That’s why we’ll be hosting a tech day at the fabulous Flux Innovation Lounge in Greenwich to showcase some of our favourite items. In the morning, we’ll be exploring Screening Eagle’s range of handheld non-destructive testing devices, with insight into how to understand and see what lies beneath the surface of our structures. This will include the classic Schmidt hammer, Ground Penetrating Radar, Ultrasound and half cell potential to test for corrosion of rebar. Here's a little video taster of the sort of equipment we'll be featuring in the morning:


In the afternoon, we’ll have two sessions - one on the Screening Eagle GS9000 array of Ground Penetrating Radar and the other on the new Faro Orbis mobile laser scanner, which combines the market-leading GeoSLAM algorithm with Flash scanning technology to allow for the perfect combination of speed and accuracy. For a little taster of what the Faro Orbis can do, here's our video introduction:

Attendance is free and we'll even be putting on pastries for the morning session, lunch to power us through the afternoon and then drinks afterwards. Just sign up through the link below so that we can manage numbers. We can't wait to see you there!

And here's the other option for the afternoon session...

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