Affordable Survey Equipment Hire in London:

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Survey Equipment Hire in London and the South-East

Why Hire from us?

We aim to provide the best equipment at the lowest price. We work hard to keep our overheads low by servicing all the equipment in-house so that we can pass those savings on to our customers. But that’s not the only reason - we do our best to provide expert support across our product lines. With both industry experience and plenty of training courses under our belts, we hope to have the answer to most of your questions, and if we don’t, we’ll find someone who does. As a Geomax specialist partner we’re constantly training and learning about the latest developments so that we can better understand what’s new and how it can make an engineer’s life easier.

Our hire fleet is broadly made up of equipment from Leica and its sister-brand Geomax, but we can acquire Trimble, Topcon, Spectra or any other brand if the project requires it. So come to us for all of your Cable Avoidance Tools, gennies, pipe lasers, rotating lasers, optical levels, GPS/GNSS receivers, total stations (robotic and manual), pipe cameras, clegg testers, schmidthammers or anything else you might need - if we don’t have it in stock we can order most things in.

All prices per week, excluding VAT:

Equipment Price
Portable Ground Penetrating Radar - Proceq GP8000 £350
Rebar Scanner (Proceq Profoscope) £75
Autolevel £10
Rotating laser £15
Grade Laser £30
Plumbing Lasers £35
Pipe Laser £25
Manual Total Station (Leica TS06Plus/ Zoom35) £60
Robotic Total Station (Leica TS15 / Zoom90) £160
Leica TS16 £195
GPS NetRover/SmartRover £185
CAT / Cable Locator £15
Generator £15
Gas Detector £30
Tripod, Winch and harness for Confined Space £60
Drain Inspection Camera £60
Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner £600

 Delivery/collection: £15+VAT each way to London and the South East, or collect from our office for free!

If you require something that is not listed above, we may still be able to help. Get in touch through the form below!