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  • When GeoMax released the new Zone series of lasers back in January we were very excited at Surveytech, especially as only a month later, we were due to fly to Wulfrath, Germany to be trained in how to service them. Just as the new product was hitting the shelves, we were getting the chance to see ‘under the bonnet’ and really get a feel for how they worked.


    The new range did not disappoint, combining a rugged exterior (pretty damn important given the punishment some items have to take out on site…) and a tried-and-tested laser core developed in the market-leading Hexagon research and development site. The range also covers a lot of different capabilities and prices too, so we can be sure to match the laser to the customer. So, whether it’s complicated concrete structures that require the high-precision grade of the Zone60 or simple routine levelling at a great price as delivered by the Zone20 H, we’ve got you covered.


    Our only trouble is that months after training in how to repair the zone range, we’ve not had enough coming back to practice on – we did say they were rugged!

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