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  • Yesterday we hosted a great training and feedback day at the office where we invited David Price, the UK manager of Geomax to share some of the latest developments in X-Pad software with some of our most valued clients. They in turn had a chance to ask any burning questions about their work processes when using the Zoom90, Geomax's flagship robotic total station.

    A day like this not only allows surveyors to learn from the experts but also lets us give feedback to the developers as to what can be improved. The beauty of the Android operating system is that it's so easy to update and Geomax takes full advantage of this, bringing out a new update almost every month. Watch this space for news of X-Pad 3.0 as we're headed to Rome at the end of the month to speak directly to the developers and learn how it's going to change the face of surveying (or at least make your life easier...)

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