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  • X·PAD 3.0 Software

    The new X· PAD 3.0 is the latest version of field software available for Android devices and for Windows Mobile platform. It includes X·PAD Survey for Windows™ and for Android™, and for the Construction version of Android™. There are a few great new features but our favourite has to be that it now works seamlessly with google maps (or bing, Openstreet and Ovi) to be seen as layer maps and even allows them to be saved in the memory of the controller to be used offline. We love X-Pad for Android as it's just so intuitive on the Panasonic tablet, so the addition of this google map functionality is great news. 


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    The new X·POLE solution allows you to work simultaneously with TPS and GNSS using the best features of each system as required, to ensure maximum flexibility. Being able to switch between TPS and GNSS in one simple click is sure to ramp up your speed and accuracy, so this is a great innovation.


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    PicPoint is an innovative way of measuring inaccessible points with your GPS, directly in the field. Thanks to the camera mounted on the pole, it's now possible to measure remote points in the same coordinate system of your GPS. Transform your instrument to “GPS Contactless”. When measuring three points in front of the survey object, the system shoots three pictures that will be processed by the X·PAD PicPoint module, giving to you the possibility to measure GPS points directly onto the pictures. Plus you get some nice photos of the scenic location you've been surveying - perfect to make colleagues jealous!


    Geomax will be demonstrating all of these great new products at the Intergeo in Hamburg right now. Sadly we won't be going along ourselves, but say hi at their booth from us if you're there - or even better, send a picture through X-Pad Picpoint...


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