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     Last week in Rome we got a sneak peek of Geomax’s latest product release, the Zenith35 Pro GNSS receiver. It’s compact, rugged and most importantly, boasts 555 channel multi-constellation and multi-frequency capability to support all satellite systems now and in the future (it’s best to think ahead with these sort of things...)


    The other great feature with the Zenith35 is its unique “Tilt and Go” functionality that allows you to quickly and accurately measure inaccessible points. Time spent levelling is a thing of the past as provided you don’t go past 30 degrees of tilt, you’ll remain accurate thanks to the in-built inclinometer and digital compass. We're giving it a good tilt in the photo above and can tell you, it was still measuring really accurately.


    For people who love bullet points, here are the key features:


    • Support of 555 channels


    • Support of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo GNSS


    • Multi frequency capable


    • 20 Hz positioning tracking


    • Support of “TAG-Single” and “TAG-Dual” mode


    • Accuracy

    • Static Hz/V:  3mm 0.5ppm/ 5mm 0.5ppm
    • Static Long: 3mm 0.1ppm/ 3.5mm 0.4ppm


    • RTK Hz/V: 8mm 1 ppm/ 15mm 1ppm


    • Internal 3.75G Penta Band GSM with SIM card


    • Integrated UHF 


    • Extended choice of UHF protocols


    • Im-/export of UHF configurations


    • Wi-Fi™, USB & Bluetooth™ communication


    • IP68 Dust and waterproof


    • Compact size


    • Extended battery lifetime & operating temperature


    • Internal 4GB Memory & removable SD card


    • Multilingual web based configuration


    • DynDNS technology to remotely access and configure the receiver and allow connectivity of up to 10 Rovers by TCP/IP


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