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    The Geomax Zoom90 has been on the market now for a few years, with people across the world delighting in how it totally changed their surveying practice. So if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Well, just because something was good, doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. Just like a cycling coach making incremental improvements to their team, a lot of small changes can add up to a lot. Ultimately, as a user, you want to know how it will make your life easier, so here’s a breakdown of the features of the Zoom75 and Zoom95.

    Geomax Zoom 75 Total Station


    Deliberately designed to be one of the most affordable robotic total stations on the market, the Zoom75 can either have X-Pad software loaded onto the instrument or be controlled robotically using an android device. If you’re currently thinking about getting a manual total station, you should stop right now and consider getting the Zoom75. With its bright, large screen and easy interface, you can easily navigate through your drawings without any lag time as it enjoys an improved internal memory of 2000MB. Think of all the time you’d save with its ability to follow the prism, as well as the robotic functionality you gain for plumbing and transferring levels. And it’s the same price as a manual total station from some premium brands. Frankly, you’d be mad to not go for this robotic total station for the same cost.


    And though we recommend you use X-Pad, the world’s first surveying app with its easy-to-use interface and continuously developing functionality, you can load lots of other software on, because Geomax is so confident of their own that they allow Carlson and Microsurvey to use their platform. It’s not every brand that allows third parties to compete on their own turf, so you know X-Pad must be good.


    Perhaps you’re now thinking, OK so if the Zoom75 is robotic, why is it cheaper than the Zoom95? Well, it’s because in the one-person robotic mode it has the ability to ‘Scout’ for the prism turned off. It won’t spin round in a circle to find the prism. But it knows where the prism is through a process of machine learning and the GPS location of the controller. It sounds a bit technical, and I’m sure it was complicated to create, but all you need to know is that it can turn to the position of the prism, as it knows where the controller is, and then it will lock and follow you around like a dog that wants feeding.


    Geomax Zoom 95 Total Station



    Unfortunately, the GPS position of the controller isn’t always the best way to locate the prism. We have to be honest and say that it’s useful to have the ability to ‘Scout’ as well as ‘Track’ and ‘Aim’, what’s known in the Zoom95 as Stream360. Along with the X-Pad software, which brings your office CAD functionality into the palm of your hand, makes this instrument the unabashed finest robotic total station on the market at an affordable price.


    Here are some features:


    • - Flexibility - work on board or with a controller, X-Pad or other software
    • - Use ANY ANDROID DEVICE as a controller - not just what the manufacturers tell you
    • - Powerful X-PAD Ultimate includes cloud functionality through X-Pad 365
    • - Improved Processor, memory, keyboard and target lock from previous instruments
    • - X-Tilt software solution that allows you to measure difficult points with a tilted pole


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