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  • There are lots of brands out there, so how do you choose between them? Recently, when choosing which equipment to buy for their prestigious HS2 project, Balfour Beatty picked Geomax over all the other competing brands. Why was that?


    In this article, we will explore some of the features of Geomax surveying equipment that allow it to stand out from the crowd. And if you need any convincing after this, just get in touch and you can try it out for yourself!



    1. It’s The Software, Stupid

    As the creators of the world’s first android app for surveying, Geomax have been at the forefront of software innovation since their inception. With new features constantly under development from Hexagon’s wholly-owned subsidiary LSE, you can be sure that there is a team of software experts dedicated to trying to make your life easier. All purchases of X-Pad Ultimate come with free bug fixes for life (X-Shield) and one year’s subscription to new feature releases (X-Pert).



    1. Accuracy You Can Count On

    As part of the Hexagon group, Geomax enjoys access to market-leading measurement technology. This means that the Zoom90 can have up to 1000m reflectorless range, and up to 10,000m with a prism. And you can be sure that the data you collect is accurate - as long as you keep your equipment serviced regularly (or hire from us and let us take care of that for you!)



    1. Compatibility

    The technology works best when you can choose the right equipment for the task and switch easily between them without having to totally overhaul your data every time. So if you have a Zenith40 GNSS receiver and you want to use it with your Zoom90 total station, it’s all controlled through the same X-Pad software, with the receiver mounted above the prism using the X-Pole software module. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also use your receiver with the Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar, integrate your EziCAT with the X-Pad locator module, apply your total station or receiver to your bathymetric drone, or bring in data from scans and overlay it on a topographical survey through X-Pad fusion - the applications are endless and seamlessly integrated.



    1. Training And Support

    We always supply our robotic total stations and GNSS receivers with free demonstrations for those that require it, and users can also educate themselves for free through Geomax’s easily searchable learning platform. If you run into trouble in the field, the Android platform allows us to view and control your tablet remotely to provide the best possible troubleshooting.



    1. Price

    There’s no getting away from it, Geomax was created to allow surveying technology that was first developed by Leica Geosystems to be sold more widely, and that means at a lower price. Just as VW group uses core engines across their line so you get the same parts in Porsche, Audi, VW, Skoda and Lamborghini, Leica and Geomax have many totally interchangeable components. But with Geomax, you’re not paying for the brand name and the heritage. For some people that might be important, but if your biggest concern is working efficiently on a tight budget, then that value proposition is at the heart of Geomax’s reason for existence.


    Has that convinced you to #SwitchToGeomax? Then get in touch with Surveytech today. 



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