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    In this video I look at the most popular tool for a site engineer, the robotic total station. Geomax provide surveying equipment that you can rely on with a full range that includes rotating lasers, pipe lasers, CATs and gennies, GNSS receivers, manual total stations and robotic total stations. If you’re thinking of upgrading your surveying equipment, perhaps you have a Geomax Zoom90 or something made by Topcon, Leica, Spectra, Trimble or Stonex and it’s time for a change, then the Geomax Zoom95 is the best choice, as it’s state-of-the-art but without the hefty pricetag that’s associated with certain other brands. 


    If you’re interested in the theory behind total stations or EDMs as people on site often call them, you can read our blog post ‘What is a total station and how does it work And we have another explainer article for GNSS receivers, or ‘GPS’ as they’re often known. 


    As we explore in the video, the Geomax Zoom 95 combines quick, reliable and accurate hardware with great surveying software from the world’s first surveying app for Android, X-Pad. There are many industries that use total stations in their work including construction, surveying, mining, civil engineering and even film and television production!

    The Zoom95 is available for hire from Surveytech with free demonstration and support so you can get the most out of your workday by working efficiently. It is also available for sale, with discounted prices from the supplier list - you can get in touch to find out our latest deals. 


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