Applications of Machine Control Systems

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Applications of Machine Control Systems


Bulk Earthworks: Machine control systems excel in tasks such as excavating and grading for bulk earthworks. Using take-off models in conjunction with machine control ensures that the land is prepared exactly as per the design, volumes are correct every time, and costings are accurate. As well as improved accuracy, using machine control removes the need for an engineer or surveyor to be on site setting out batter stakes and checking levels.

Landscaping and Golf Courses: Machine control systems assist in creating intricate landscaping for residential development as well as golf courses. Efficiently graded fairways and swales and precisely levelled lawns and greens are just some of the possibilities with appropriate models. Efficiency benefits can be huge with the reduced need for manual labour and digging without guesswork so the job is right, first time every time.


Road Construction:

From highways to local roads, machine control systems guide excavators, dozers, graders and compactors to create smooth, accurately levelled surfaces ready for final paving. Again this removes the requirement for extensive staking by an engineer or surveyor. This in turn can improve workflow efficiency and delays on roading sites.


Land Remediation and Dredging: Land remediation is the process of revitalising or restoring contaminated or environmentally impaired sites. Often these projects have an associated design created by a consulting architect or engineer. Using machine control in conjunction with these designs can maximise efficiency and remove guesswork for earthworks contractors. With the addition of surface logging in systems such as Unicontrol, dredging can also be completed efficiently by minimising repeat digging.

Groundworks: As many contractors in the UK have already discovered, machine control can revolutionise efficiency and speed on groundworks sites. With appropriate models, machine control systems allow operators to accurately excavate drainage, roads, foundations and landscaping without the need for any set-out from engineers or levels from banksmen with rotating lasers. The cost savings,and in turn R.O.I, on machine control systems with appropriate models can be dramatic for groundworks contractors.

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