10 Reasons you need to get Machine Control

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Excavator with Machine Control System fitted

Sometimes technology comes along that totally transforms how we work, so that after we get it, we can’t imagine life before. Machine Control is one of these. So what is it? Well, think of it like Sat Nav for excavators. We all know how helpful it is to have our phones guiding us where to drive, so it’s obvious that it would be even more helpful to guide someone where to dig, how deep and to what gradient, in a location where there aren’t even helpful road signs to help you navigate. Put simply, Machine control allows your operator to arrive at an open field and just get to work. Still need convincing? Here are ten reasons why you need it today!:

  1. Improved work

With Machine control you can see exactly what you’re supposed to be digging, with real-time feedback when you’ve reached the correct position for your bucket. The old days of messing around with pegs, strings and batter boards are over, allowing much more precise work.

  1. Less waste

Precise working means that you don’t dig more than you need and end up wasting expensive hardcore or concrete

  1. Less Wear and Tear or Maintenance costs

Working more efficiently means less time on the machine. You’ll find you get through far more jobs before you need items replaced and serviced.

  1. More flexibility

Working more efficiently can free up an excavator to work on something else, so you’ve suddenly got an extra machine! 

  1. More Independence

No need to set up lasers or have a setting-out engineer mark where to dig.

  1. Safer working

Other workers don’t need to be around the machine with a laser and staff, making things safer. And with proper guidance, the excavator driver won’t accidentally dig in the wrong location to hit a buried cable or something they shouldn’t. 

  1. Better oversight

With Unicontrol’s cloud system, you can ensure operators are working to the latest drawings as you assign them from the office. With the support portal, you can be sure that all aspects of the system are operational.

  1. Easy documentation

Machine control can be used to survey as well as guiding where to dig. If the operator needs to survey the line of a pipe before it’s filled in, this is easily done without the need for a surveyor visiting the site. 

  1. No re-staking

If the design changes, a new version of the drawing can simply be uploaded to the cloud and sent to the excavator on site, rather than needing another engineer site visit. If stakes are run over, or the ground is a bit waterlogged, the machine can still work!

  1. Better productivity

Excavator operators can get on with what they’re good at - digging! Unicontrol’s simple interface requires minimal training, but our support team at Surveytech are always available to help. You’ll find that both machines and operators work more efficiently leading to happier workforce and clients!

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