The Matterport Pro3: What’s New?

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The rumours are true! The Matterport Pro3 release date has finally arrived! It’s been eagerly anticipated news, and we’re pleased to say the Matterport Pro3 is finally here. With so many great features, we’re pleased to say it doesn’t disappoint. It’s fair to say that the Pro2 remains a great camera, allowing you to quickly create stunning 3D models of the built environment; and so it will remain supported by Matterport for those that want a more affordable piece of hardware, but the Pro3 delivers improvements across the board.

1.   Accuracy

With a laser scanner built into the Pro3, spaces are captured more accurately (± 20mm @10m) as LIDAR outperforms the infrared distancing of the Pro2.

2.   Range and resilience

Laser scanning also works in all light conditions so external spaces can be captured accurately, and over greater distances (20m in Matterport generated models, 100m in e57 files)

3.   Resolution

A stunning image resolution of ~135 megapixels means that your models will be even more immersive, especially when mapped over the more dense mesh created by the LIDAR. In essence, it’ll be the closest thing to actually being there that current technology can create.

4.   Battery life

Lasting for over 230 scans, batteries are now swappable rather than built in, and each last 3 hours, so you can be charging as you go and avoid downtime.

5.   Speed

Scans take less than 20 seconds! Despite all the accuracy, range and resolution gains, you’ll also be more productive in your time on site. It scans four times faster than its predecessor when used externally.

These are just the headlines and you can download the full technical specifications at the product page if you want to explore more. But what do they mean for the Matterport user in the field? 

Faster As-Built Surveys

Capture as-built data in a matter of minutes—far faster than manual methods and more quickly than terrestrial LiDAR scanners—and generate shareable digital twins. Export dimensional information into CAD and make it easier to start design proposals faster than ever.

Easier Construction Progress Monitoring

Capture spaces on demand without delaying work. Replace photography with digital twins and use in-model notes to speed up collaboration with subcontractors and stakeholders.

Better Quality Control and Work Package Signoff

Generate accurate 3D models to identify remedial work. Use tags to link directly from work locations to the appropriate punch cards. Enable fast, accurate, and high-quality documentation of a work package, and make it easy for offsite colleagues to sign them off.

Stronger Handover Documentation

Maintain an accurate record of a build as it progresses. Import captured data into design and building information modeling (BIM) packages to quickly compare what was designed and what has been built. Generate a final model and use tags, notes, and storytelling features to support building owners and operators with links to instructions, warranties, service support, and much more.

More Successful Promotion

Capture true-to-life 3D models and provide prospects with reasons to buy. Show them an accurate high-resolution digital-twin of the property. Virtually stage spaces in a variety of styles to attract a wider range of potential tenants and investors.

Adept Portfolio Management

Easily view cloud-based models from any location and work confidently with contractors and collaborators. Highly detailed digital twins allow stakeholders to “walkthrough” specific locations in a building as if they were actually there and provide the realism and accuracy to enhance collaboration with every member of your team.

Effective Facilities Management

Import building information and handover documentation into facilities management applications. Be in command of every detail of your building and get accurate measurements and estimates for cleaning, repairs, compliance, equipment, space planning, and more

 All in all, the Pro3 represents a leap forward in the easy creation of beautiful and functional digital twins that can be used in sectors varying from architecture to video games. And with the constantly developing cloud-based Matterport platform behind this game-changing hardware, we’ll all be able to understand and collaborate to use our buildings better.

Here at Surveytech we are one of the few official Matterport resellers in the UK, so no matter what your enquiry is, we will always be able to help.

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