How to Create Your First Digital Twin - Webinar

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Capturing the built world and how to use it.

Webinar: 12th October 2022/12-1 pm GMT

Surveytech in partnership with Matterport will be presenting a practical webinar on 'How to Create Your First Digital Twin' featuring guest speakers Anil Sawhney from RICS and Stuart Leche from C9VT, moderated by Kate Bygrave from UK Construction Marketing and hosted by Surveytech's MD, Matt Lacey:

  • History of digital twin technology
  • What is a digital twin? 
  • How are digital twins used?
  • Understanding BIM
  • What is Point Cloud Technology?
  • How do we see digital twins working in the design and construction phases?

Professor of Computer Science David Gelernter, at Yale University, stated 30 years ago ‘we will be able to see reality on our computer screen’ one day. To put it simply, digital twins are virtual representations of real-world entities and processes synchronised at a specified frequency. Used across many economic sectors, a digital twin is as good and as reliable as the data connected to it. So how do you go about creating your first digital twin and what would the processes be? Register today and find out more.



kate_bygrave_webinar_profile_picFounder of UK Construction Marketing, Kate brings together her skills in marketing, project management and business development and combines these with her construction industry experience. UkCoM is a Marketing Agency for the Construction Industry, successfully partnering with construction businesses across the UK, providing outsourced marketing, design, photography, and video production services. 

MATT_LACEY_SUREVY_TECH_PROFILEMatt is the Managing Director of Surveytech, an independent survey equipment firm in London. Matt first began using surveying equipment aged seven when following his father around as a chain boy. He continued to do so when working a summer job on building sites, at the same time as earning a degree from Oxford University. After graduating, he joined Surveytech and has since trained in surveying technologies and archaeology with a particular focus on GIS and laser scanning. As a Geomax-specialist partner, Matt has spent the last decade supporting clients to work with more efficient digital processes on site. Outside of Surveytech, Matt occasionally works as an actor, appearing as a regular character in BBC sitcom, Cuckoo, amongst other things. 

ANIL_SAWHNEY_webinar_profile_picAnil Sawhney is the Global Lead for the Construction and Infrastructure Sector at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Anil is a construction and infrastructure sector expert, an educator, a researcher, and a ConstructionTech enthusiast. In his role at the RICS, he is involved in producing the construction and infrastructure sector's body of knowledge, standards, guidance, practice statements, education, and training. Anil has a rich mix of academic, research, industry, and consulting experience gathered in the USA, India, Canada, the UK, and Australia. In 2020, he co-authored a book entitled "Construction 4.0-Innovation Platform for the Built Environment." 

stuart_leche_webinar_profile_picWorking life started in 3D design and evolved to over 20 years in project engineering and consultancy. Recognising the potential of emerging technology with the ability to create digital twins to support many business needs, has brought C9 back into the world of 3D. 

The C9 Virtual Tours era was started in 2019 and has allowed Stuart to use his passion for technology and photograph to help businesses realise the benefits of 3D visualisation and digital twins. 

Register here:

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