Why Choose Unicontrol for your 3D Machine Control?

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3D GPS machine control is a technology that more and more contractors are investing in and reaping the rewards from. It is a true game-changer for the industry. 

We have had Unicontrol on board here at Surveytech for about 6 months now. With several established systems in the market in the UK, and more new brands entering, it can be a difficult decision for contractors when looking to invest in a system for their business. 

Unicontrol offers some distinct advantages that make it stand out from the rest.

  1. Interface and User Friendliness

We often see contractors hesitant to adopt a machine control system due to the perceived time and energy it takes to learn. Unicontrol was born on a motto to ‘make machine control simple’, and offer the market a system that has been built from an operators’ perspective. 

Unicontrol set out to create a system with functionality that was intuitive and simple. The result is an interface where operators can find everything they want quickly, using simple taps of the screen. The interface is not only simple and easy to interpret, but also easily customisable, so an operator can see everything they want, but nothing they don’t.

Unicontrol runs on Android tablets, an operating system widely available to, and used by the general public. The result is a display with familiar functionality for operators, this is often missing in other manufacturers' proprietary displays. 

Machine Control Contours

  1. Unicontrol Cloud

Unicontrol Cloud is an online system for engineers, CAD designers and plant managers to create projects, upload models to machines and manage plant.


All of these things can be done remotely via Unicontrol Cloud. For example, if a contractor was beginning a new job, we (or your plant manager) can create a new project, assign machines to that project and upload models to the machine all in a matter of minutes.


No site visits required. No time wasted. See an example of the interface below.

Unicontrol cloud interface for dxf upload

  1. Remote Support via TeamViewer

One major advantage of the Unicontrol app running on Android is that we can gain quick remote access via TeamViewer for support and training.


This invaluable feature means we can:

  • Diagnose and solve problems
  • Conduct operator training
  • Complete maintenance updates


…. all instantly and without even needing to visit site! Support from anywhere, at any time. This means less downtime for contractors and flexible training for new operators.




  1. Value for Money

Another major roadblock for contractors looking to invest in a GPS machine control can be the cost. One of Unicontrol’s main objectives was to create a system that is accessible for all contractors, with budgets large and small.


Unicontrol systems present considerable savings when compared to the dominant market brands. All while offering the same accuracy and reliability, and the added benefit of industry-leading simplicity and usability.



Unicontrol offers GPS machine control solutions for all types of excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders and skid steers. Get in touch with us for pricing, demos and further details.

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