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  • Well, you wait around 18 months for a new product and then four come along at once. We’ve already told you about the entry-level Zenith06, providing you with one of the most affordable GNSS receivers on the market, and the new Zoom75 and Zoom95 robotic total stations that will transform your surveying and setting out practice; but to coincide with Intergeo, the global geospatial conference, Geomax have also brought the Zenith60 smart receiver to the market. Packed with features and technological advances, it has now arrived as the flagship of the Geomax GNSS range.


    Calibration-Free IMU Tilt Technology

    The Zenith60 has an integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that is used in combination with GNSS measurements. This is a great step forward in speeding up your work, because there’s no need to calibrate the sensor, it’s resistant to magnetic fields, and the pole can be tilted up to 60°! Though to ensure high accuracy measurements, it’s recommended that the pole is tilted no more than 30°.

    The IMU consists of accelerometers and gyroscopes and our IMU technology uses a customized inertial navigation system integrated with GNSS to determine the amount of tilt.


    State-Of-The-Art Measurement Engine

    Equipped with the renowned NovAtel OEM719 Measurement Engine (ME), the Zenith60 supports all current and future satellite systems.

    • GPS & Glonass & BeiDou & Galileo
    • NavIC (India)
    • QZSS (Japan)


    Also, future frequencies, such as Glonass L3, Galileo E6, or QZSS L6 are supported.

    Due to its multi-constellation and multi-frequency capability the Zenith60 is guaranteed to be future proof and provides maximum flexibility.


    Highest Quality Positioning

    Zenith60 provides a short time to fix, combined with high availability and highest reliability.

    This increases your efficiency and flexibility when performing even high-precision tasks.

    Hexagon’s TerraStar Precise Point Positioning (PPP) C-Pro service provides correction data at centimetre level quality all around the globe. This service significantly enhances your productivity, when working in remote areas without GSM coverage or where no reference data is available at all.

    Also, no need to worry about reference frames anymore. The PPP position is provided within the coordinate system. The configuration and use of the TerraStar C-Pro Service is fully supported within the X-PAD Ultimate field software.



    TerraStar, a Hexagon company, is a global leader in satellite-based correction services for land and near-shore applications and owns, operates, maintains and controls its global network of over 100 GNSS reference stations.

    • 3 Network Control Centers, geographically separated
    • Corrections provided by the network are broadcast via seven geostationary satellites to the user-equipment.
    • Corrections data transmitted over a minimum of 3 beams
    • directly to end user
    • Scalable solutions and flexible subscription durations
    • 24/7/365, all weather, correction services
    • Various service levels at different performance levels are available. With its OEM7 Measurement Engine, Zenith60 classifies for “TerraStar C-Pro”, providing highest accuracy


    Superior UHF Radio

    Zenith60 incorporates a SATEL radio module for base-rover setups.

    SATEL, based in Finland, is one of the world’s leading experts and innovator in independent radio networking technology and convinces by its high reliability, maximum receive-/ transmit performance and unmatched compatibility with UHF, built in 3rd party equipment.

    The built-in SATEL TR4 is an exceptional UHF radio, supporting the most established protocols on the market.

    Key characteristics:

    • 14 programmable frequencies
    • Support of 7 protocols for maximum flexibility
    • SATEL 3AS​
    • SATEL 8 FSK​
    • SATEL  16 FSK​
    • PCC-4FSK​
    • PCC-GMSK​
    • TrimTalk (T)​
    • TrimTalk (P)


    Built For The Toughest Conditions

    Designed for working in rough environments:

    • IP68 (IEC 60529) -Withstands powerful jets (IPx6) and temporarily immersion under water (IPx8).
    • Fully dust tight (IP6X).
    • Mechanical stress resistant according to ISO 9022-36-05
    • Withstands a 2 meter drop on hard surface.
    • Operating temperature -40 to 65 deg
    • Magnesium housing

    All of this amounts to the best choice if you’re looking for accurate positional data, the flexibility to work with a tilted pole and easy-to-use software interface, and all of this at a competitive Geomax price!

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