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  • Do you need accurate results without having to invest in expensive and complex equipment?

    Survey Tech is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new product to add to our GeoMax collection, the Zenith06 smart antenna with X-PAD field software.

    This simple GNSS rover will provide more flexibility and save you time and money. Eliminating the need for extensive training and equipment to log data in the field, it produces reliable outcomes.

    While survey equipment can be expensive and complex to use, the Zenith06 works with X-PAD field software, a powerful and easy-to-use Android app.


    Zenith06 Smart Antenna With X-PAD Go Software

    No Frills

    With its compact and light design, the smart antenna is easy to carry. This makes jobs such as utility surveying and road construction with hundreds of points across a large area much more convenient.


    Unique Software


    The industry asked and Geomax delivered!  Zenith06 was created with these features our users wanted:

    • Software developed with customer feedback, which allows for user simplicity and quick familiarisation.
    • Maintenance for X-PAD field software comes at no extra cost
    • Accessible and simple to use with X-PAD 365. This addresses data management and collaboration challenges surveyors and construction professionals meet every day.


    If you'd like to discuss availability or application, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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