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  • Last week we announced the great new X-Pad Fusion product being added to Geomax's range. But in keeping with their philosophy of innovating, they have also brought out an update to X-Pad Survey and Construction.


    There are great new features improving the work with total stations. New controls ensure error free measurements by constantly checking the instrument is in level and there is no false target lock. In case of prism loss, customers can take advantage of the controller’s GPS and start direct search of its position by significantly reducing the locking times. Those who work on site with fixed reference points will appreciate the new Automatic free station function that allows to determine the position and orientation of the station by a single click. If the TPS has the Automatic free station option, then the GNSS has the Automatic base option. This automatic procedure calculates first the right base position using the NTRIP server defined and based on the calculated position, the rover receivers can start to work. For those using RTCM 3.1, there is good news because X-PAD is supporting message 1025. There is no need to define the coordinate system before starting to use a GNSS receiver. The new software version also allows using the controllers GPRS to connect to NTRIP server and get the fixed position when working with the Zenith 15 and 25.



    The Auto measuring module also comes with new features, such as defining for each single point the target type and the tolerance or automatic customised messages that can be detected and parsed by automatic systems that check the status of the site. A specific export has been created for third party software that allows to load, analyse and visualize all the measured information with graphs. Beside supporting new data formats, you can import DXF with units in millimetres and better manage reading and writing latitude and longitude values. Direct shortcut to USB disk ensures fast selection of the file to import or export. The new version 3.5 is available for X-Pad Survey and Construction on Windows™ and Android™ devices.


    If you're not already familiar with X-Pad, why not give it a whirl for free on your phone? There's a free trial available on Google Play: 


    Key Features:

    • Downloadable free of charge from Google play
    • Time-limit application (30 Days)
    • Includes the main modules: TPS, GNSS, GIS, Road and Volume
    • Allows use of the internal GPS receiver of the device used for the installation, or to enter TPS measures manually (angles and distance)
    • No limitation in terms of points, import or export of data


    The GeoMax X-PAD Survey Trial is downloadable as a standard app from Google Play.


    You just need to open Google play on your Android device, searching for "GeoMax X-PAD Survey Trial"

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