The Many Uses of the Digital Twin - Webinar

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Webinar: 30th November 2022/
12-1 pm GMT

Surveytech in partnership with Matterport will be presenting a practical webinar on 'The Many Uses of the Digital Twin' featuring guest speakers Melissa Zanocco from the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), Simon Sadek from 360VirtualTour.Co and Bill Gregory from, hosted by Surveytech's MD, Matt Lacey:

  • What is digital twin technology and how does it work?
  • How is augmented reality used in the construction industry?
  • The usage of BIM and digital twins in the built environment industry.
  • Using a 3D digital twin and augmented reality. 
  • What challenges can digital twin solve?
A digital twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by using simulations. But what are the many uses of the digital twin?



Matt is the Managing Director of Surveytech, an independent survey equipment firm in London. Matt first began using surveying equipment aged seven when following his father around as a chain boy. He continued to do so when working a summer job on building sites, at the same time as earning a degree from Oxford University. After graduating, he joined Surveytech and has since trained in surveying technologies and archaeology with a particular focus on GIS and laser scanning. As a Geomax-specialist partner, Matt has spent the last decade supporting clients to work with more efficient digital processes on site. Outside of Surveytech, Matt occasionally works as an actor, appearing as a regular character in BBC sitcom, Cuckoo, amongst other things. 

Melissa Zanocco OBE is Head of Programmes for the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), as well as one of the instigators of Our Vision for the Built Environment, and is committed to transforming the built environment sector to produce better outcomes for people and nature. She is Co-Chair of both the Project 13 Adopter Community and the Digital Twin Hub Community Council as well as a member of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation's Deep Decarbonisation Initiative, World Economic Forum Digital Twin Cities Project Global Advisory Committee and Construction Leadership Council Task Force. She was part of the UN Women UK delegation to the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women 2022.

A dedicated crypto and technology enthusiast, Simon is the founder of a number of photography agencies, providing services across the UK and worldwide with his team of photographers. Being part of the elite Google Maps team and a Senior in the program, Simon produces high end immersive 3D scans and 360-degree virtual tours across various sectors especially the AEC industries, Airports sectors, Retail, Hospitality, Shopping Districts and Government. These are used for multiple uses such as Insurance, AEC project proposals, digital surveying and the creation of digital twins. Simon is also currently involved in Beta projects with large tech groups that will integrate digital twin technology into the Metaverse. Watch this space!

Bill has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, prototyping, product development, commercialization, consultation, etc. He earned degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky where he also held directorial roles in the Center for Robotics and Manufacturing,  The Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments, and the College of Dentistry.  As the founder of Enomalies, Bill created museum exhibits, RC set pieces, large-scale projection backdrops, and 3D models for court cases.  Now as the founder/CEO of RSET (Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool) his focus is using digital twins in new and creative ways, such as interactive synthetic training environments for the military and first responders as well as entertainment and exploration. 

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