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  • The Coronavirus crisis has been different for all of our clients. Some shut down completely, others - especially those dealing with crucial infrastructure projects - kept working throughout. But everyone has seen the way they work change. If you're still working things out, there are some great guidelines and checklists available on the CITB website here. 

    Social distancing guidelines have meant that sites by-and-large have to do more with fewer workers, so it’s either a question of being less productive or embracing the new technologies that will allow you to do more with less. Here are some things we suggest:


    1. Robotic Total Stations - Being able to control the instrument and have it follow you around the site frees someone up from just being a pole holder, allowing them to do something more useful. We recommend the Geomax Zoom90 - high-grade hardware at a more affordable price.


    2. Powerful software - What’s the point in having that expensive total station if you keep having to go back into the office (where social distancing may be difficult) in order to make changes to your drawings? Do more in the field with the easy-to-use X-Pad Ultimate app for Android. Stuck with something? Check out all these nicely indexed video tutorials!


    3. Drones - The ultimate social distancing tool! A robot in the air! With the advent of lidar-enabled drones, you can do so much more from the air than you ever thought possible.


    4. Machine Control - Allow your excavator to operate independently and accurately, eliminating gradient guesswork.The iDig system is easy to use and great value, with an intuitive colour touchscreen interface. It’s simple to install and charges through solar panels, too!


    5. Laser Scanning - Capture millions of points in the time it would have taken to set up your total station. Then process it all away from site, minimising contact time. The Leica BLK360 is a sleek and beautiful bit of hardware if you want to dip your toe in the scanning world.


    All of these items are available for sale at Surveytech; but with the general uncertainty that remains in the market, it might feel like now is a difficult time to invest in new technology, so why not just hire from us? Though if you do decide you want to own outright, we can put you in touch with experienced leasing companies who will find you the best finance deal available.

    And let us know on our social channels what you think will be the game changers for you in this new normal, we'd love to hear from you - not saying we've been starved of interactions during the quarantine period or anything...

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