Surveytech Celebrates Ten Years of Partnership with Survipod

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Stability is essential to using so many surveying devices from total stations to laser scanners. If you’re taking measurements but the instrument you’re using is subject to random movements, then the value of your data is diminished. That’s why, ten years ago, Surveytech were pleased to start supplying the Survipod brand to UK companies with a desire for greater equipment safety and measurement reliability.

Geomax total station being used with a Survipod

For those that aren’t already aware, The Original Survipod™ is an innovative setting out tool which replaces the conventional and often unstable tripod. It acts as a robust and stable platform, enabling accuracy and consistency for site set-out engineers.

The Survipod is just dropped into a cast in sleeve, which has been cast into a column or wall on the structure. The Engineers instrument (Total Station, autolevel, laser level and so forth) is then screwed onto the stainless steel thread located on top of the Original Survipod.

This offers the preferred platform for the engineer to begin setting out. And it’s not just the Original Survipod that Surveytech offer, but also their newer developments offering boltfix and offset so that there are options for whatever the site requires.



London: The Home of Concrete

Being based in London, where so much of the UK’s concrete-frame construction is undertaken, Surveytech has been pleased to support their clients in using Survipods on some incredibly prestigious projects, where the stability and security of the platform have proved invaluable. Whether it’s providing a solid base for some remote monitoring by a robotic total station or just a safe spot for a rotating laser, Survipods have been the accessory of choice for many site engineers.

Survipod products are held in stock at Surveytech’s London workshop and can be delivered at short notice across the South East so if you’re looking for a product with ‘stability at its core’ to help you in your site engineering tasks, get in touch today!

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