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    Rotary lasers are simple animals; you want them to turn on, get level and give you an accurate beam when they spin around. Given that they’re so simple, what would make you choose the Zone range over the plethora of other options on the market? Topcon, Leica, PLS, Stabila and Hilti make their own, along with all the weird and wonderful imports from China. So why is the Geomax Zone range the right choice for you?


    1. They’re rugged: construction sites can be unforgiving places for precise equipment, but the Zone range has been designed with this in mind. The laser head is fully enclosed in glass to avoid dust and dirt getting into the mechanism or blocking/refracting the beam entirely. They’re waterproof to IP67 standards and the unit has rubberised areas to help it withstand the knocks it might get from any less-than-gentle onsite handling.


    2. They're accurate. The Zone 20 is accurate to +/- 2.2mm at 30m, while the Zone 40 is even more precise at +/- 1.5mm at 30m


    3. You’ve got options: if you need a vertical beam, both the Zone 20 and Zone 40 come in HV versions. If you need to work with a gradient, you’ve got the choice of the  Zone 60 and Zone 70. Then, you have the option of what detector to choose, whether you’re keeping costs down with the basic version, need the dependable Pro or want a millimeter reading from the digital detector.


    4. They’re competitively priced: The Zone 20H with basic detector starts at £485 + VAT, getting you a great laser for a bargain price. If you're looking for the cheapest laser on the internet, this isn't it, but those unbranded Chinese imports are the definition of a false economy. If you factor in length of use and potential resale value along with accuracy and reliability, the price over the lifetime of the Zone 20H becomes super-cheap.


    5. We can service them. We’ve spent weeks in Wulfrath at the headquarters of Geomax in order to build up our knowledge base about this equipment, and we have a fully-equipped service centre right here in Mitcham. If you buy from us, you can expect the best level of service, trained directly by Rainier Deidrichs, the global head of Service at Geomax.


    6. They come with 3 years manufacturers’ warranty as standard. Geomax are so confident in this product that they will repair any manufacturer’s faults for free. We’ve been using these lasers for over a year and a half and never had to use this but it’s nice to know it’s there...


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