Unicontrol - Machine Control made simple for the UK

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Unicontrol: Machine Control Made Simple for the UK

Unicontrol is a company that specialises in 3D machine control solutions. Originating in Denmark, Unicontrol has created the market’s most user-friendly systems at a reasonable price.

Here at Surveytech we found that these factors fitted well with our mission: providing equipment for surveying and construction that is intuitive and cost effective. With this in mind, we became the first Unicontrol dealer in the UK and have seen fantastic uptake by groundworks and construction contractors nationwide.

Unicontrol has machine control systems for excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, skid steers and backhoes. Rover and cloud systems complete the range for a total solution.

For the UK market specifically we see the Unicontrol Excavator, Unicontrol Dozer, Unicontrol Rover and Unicontrol Cloud as the standout systems. These systems tie together seamlessly to create a cohesive solution for machine control and a truly connected site.

Unicontrol Excavator

The 3D machine control system for excavators is for all types of excavators. Solutions are available for standard boom, swing boom, dual boom, long reach boom, two piece offset boom, tilt buckets, and all major manufacturers of tiltrotators.

Key features of the Unicontrol Excavator solution are:

  • -Highly intuitive app interface
  • -Fast-tracking sensors provide instant feedback to the display. Only tried and  proven cabled sensors can provide this level of speed and reliability.
  • -Dual GNSS receiver and antennas mean you have a constant heading without the need for periodic recalibration.

  • -Android based display allows remote support via TeamViewer as well as the ability to add other apps as desired. For example, the engcon DC2 app can be installed on the tablet and used for remote tilt rotator diagnostics.



Unicontrol Dozer 

The 3D machine control system for dozers uses the same high-performance dual receiver/antennas and sensors as the excavator system.

The dozer app also uses the same interface as the highly intuitive excavator app, meaning operators can be instantly familiar with systems no matter what machine they are using.

Cloud connectivity means operators in dozers are receiving the same designs as excavators and rovers on site remotely and instantly.

Unicontrol Rover

The rover system combines a high-performance IMU tilt enabled receiver with Unicontrol’s simple and intuitive rover app. The rover app uses the same interface as machine apps so operators can become familiar and confident with the system rapidly.

With cloud connectivity, rover and machine systems are synchronised. This means that points measured and/or surfaces created with the rover are shared with machines seamlessly and instantly for a truly connected site.







Unicontrol Cloud

The cloud is an essential system to allow engineers and plant managers to have a complete overview of machines and rovers in the field.

Machine movements, diagnostics and design data can all be managed through the cloud. This means no more time wasted running between sites and uploading data to machines manually. 

Simply create a project and upload data, then assign machines and rovers to that project. Operators and engineers will have access to files on field controllers within a few seconds.

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