The Matterport E57: A Detailed Pointcloud for Use Anywhere

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Convert your digital twin into a pointcloud faster and easier than ever before.

E57 is a product that conserves the point clouds data from high-end capture devices so you get twenty times the detail of a traditional Matterpak.

The E57 is just one of many downloadable assets from Matterport - you can find a guide to the rest here.

A compact, vendor-neutral point cloud format.

At its most basic, the E57 file type is a compact, vendor-neutral point cloud format that is defined by the ASTM E2807 standard — think of it as the PDF of the 3D world. Consisting of different geometric points, a point cloud serves as a 3D description of Spatial data. It's essentially a 3D picture of everything you scan, made up of true colour dots, with each one representing a measured point.

E57 Pointcloud of industrial space

The PDF of the 3D world

Each of these point positions is associated with its own set of Cartesian coordinates, working in concert to stitch a massive amount of virtual information into a single, highly accurate digital space. You can import the E57 3D point cloud data into 3D and architecture, engineering, and design applications, including easily importing point clouds to Autodesk Revit® using the Matterport for Revit® Plug-in.
Once captured, this data can be used to extract analysis from any property or structure. Now, architects, engineers, builders, and operators can capture and create a digital twin of their existing facilities and use that data to begin their documentation and modelling workflows. This dramatically reduces the time spent on site compared to traditional measurement techniques. And drawing tasks when you return to the office are much easier because with 20X the detail of the traditional matterpak, it's much easier to recognise and draw around features.

Matterport download E57

Powerful Benefits

By using E57 files, AEC professionals can unlock several power benefits, including:

  • Streamline the conceptualization of designs with a more detailed understanding of the space.
  • Collaborate more efficiently by reducing measurement times and sharing easily with your team.
  • Easily maintain inventories of equipment and assets across a portfolio, with easy tools like Mattertags allowing you to enrich your data.
  • Easily extract high-density point clouds and utilize them in 3D design workflows, with the virtual tour providing an easy guide for feature recognition.

Getting started with the Matterport E57 Add-on:

If you already have a Matterport scan of your project, the E57 is available for purchase and download on the Add-On’s page.

Matterport Add-on choices

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