Free Webinar about Structural Health Monitoring - 27th April 2023

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How do we protect our buildings? Can we investigate structures through non-destructive testing? What are the best methods for monitoring a structure?

Structural investigation free webinar
In this webinar we'll hear from representatives of some of the most innovative brands in surveying, non-destructive testing and monitoring. From Screening Eagle, you'll get a better understanding of the 'three musketeers' of non-destructive testing and how you can use ground penetrating radar, ultrasound and a covermeter to complement each other in building a more complete picture of what lies beneath the surface. From Move Solutions, you'll be able to understand their range of remote monitoring sensors that allow you to gain insight into the structure without always having to be present on site. Then from Geomax, we'll have a demonstration of their excellent Automeasuring software that can be coupled with a total station and work completely autonomously.
Our speakers are passionate about protecting the built world through better understanding it, and we hope you will be too once you've seen what can be accomplished!

Our panel of industry experts will start with some short presentations on their areas of expertise before we move on to a Q and A where you can ask everything you've always wanted to know. Once again, we're very fortunate to have a hugely experienced line-up who have agreed to share their knowledge over the hour.

Proceq Screening Eagle EMEA Sales Director Shirley Underwood

Shirley Underwood is the EMEA Sales Director of Screening Eagle Technologies

Shirley is a Portable non-destructive testing specialist with over 12 years of experience, interested in finding the optimal portable NDT solution with the aim to produce quality information, reduce costs, increase efficiency, value and optimise reporting for her clients. She holds qualifications in Business, Concrete Technology and speak fluent English, Spanish and can get by in French and German. 

Move Solutions webinar guest David Schofield

David Schofield is an Account Manager at Visual-ize specialising in Move Solutions Remote Sensing Technology

With a track record working with some of the biggest names in geospatial technology, David brings a wealth of experience in surveying technology. Having supported clients in the field with complex and challenging monitoring tasks, he'll be able to provide insight into how Move Solutions can allow engineers to understand and act on data from remote sensors, as well as the practical workflow to set up a project.

Geomax Training Manager Phil Jarratt

Phil Jarratt is the Training and Support Manager for Geomax in the UK

Phil joined GeoMax from Leica Geosystems where he was global training, support & product manager for detection products. Phil is experienced in many different aspects of surveying and has a deep knowledge of the potential pitfalls of working with these technologies from spending so much of his career helping customers with some of the most difficult challenges. 

Topics will include:
  • What is Ground Penetrating Radar and how does it work?
  • What other technologies can you use to analyse structures?
  • How do you use Eddy Current technology to find rebar?
  • What are remote sensors and how are they used?
  • What can you monitor with remote sensors?
  • How does Total Station Monitoring work
  • How do you monitor for movement and vibration?
  • What is the future of investigation technology
  • How can sensors fit into the wider IoT ecosystem
  • How can all these technologies be incorporated into digital twins?

You can sign up to the webinar here

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