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  • We all make New Year’s Resolutions, whether it’s to learn to speak Spanish or go to the gym more and often they succeed or fail down to how much time we have. In order to help you on the way to whatever it is you’ve decided to do, we would like to save you time at work by making you more efficient. How? Well, by getting a robot to do the work for you of course! How very 2018…


    The Zoom90 Ultimate one-man robotic system


    So you’ve decided to embrace the future and get a robotic total station, but why choose the Geomax Zoom90 over the alternatives from say, Topcon, Trimble or Leica? Well, the first reason is that it is a high-quality instrument, as anyone who has used a Leica TS15 before can tell you.The reason we say this is because the hardware is exactly the same. Not just similar, but thanks to sharing the same parent company in Hexagon, the Leica TS15 and Geomax Zoom90 are the same instrument, the only difference being the software and controller. And of course, the pricetag. In the uncertainty that still swirls in the British Construction sector due to Brexit, it’s surely better to improve your efficiency at the best possible price. With the Zoom90, you would save so much money that you could not only pay for Spanish lessons, but fly out to South America for a month to learn over there!


    Packed with Features


    STReAM360: FULLY ROBOTIC - this stands for Scout, TRack and AiM the three important components that will make sure your instrument doesn’t lose you in the organised chaos of a building site.


    X-Motion Hybrid drives - are you moving at 90km/hour and 100m away from the instrument? The Zoom90 will still be able to track you because of its X-Motion drives. Good if you’re sprint training!


    accXess™ EDM TECHNOLOGY - accurate 1000m reflectorless measurement, great for as-built surveys.


    NavLight™- Save loads of time when setting-out as the Navlight flashes red and yellow to guide you into place quickly.


    Full connectivity - You’ve got lots of options when storing data: use the Zoom90’s extra large internal memory, the removable SD card or the USB stick using plug and play technology. You can easily send and receive using the bluetooth, too.


    Robustness - The instrument is IP55 to make sure that it can withstand difficult conditions. Geomax’s slogan is that it “works when you do” even when things are cold and wet as they often are here in London..


    Open Connectivity - Used to working with Carlson software? No problem! Prefer Field Genius? Use that then. Want to experience Geomax’s own highly-rated X-Pad? No worries. With the Zoom90, you’re not tied into any software so the choice is yours.


    Need more convincing or have questions?

    If the great features and the low prices aren’t enough on their own or you’d just like to talk about the instrument in general, why not give us a call on 020 3974 2832 or email We can discuss all the different options for software and controller or book a free demo. We also have a number of Zoom90s available for hire, so you can even try before you buy. Let us know your needs and we'll always do our best to help.


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