Testo 883 Thermal Imaging Camera

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The Testo 883 Thermal Imaging Camera delivers accurate and rapid detection of thermal abnormalities for any size of installation. Professional facility managers, building energy consultants, and service engineers can benefit from this flexible device, which offers infrared resolution of up to 640 x 480 pixels, thermal sensitivity (NETD) of < 40 mK, and measuring range between -30 to +650 °C with ±2 °C accuracy.

Alongside intuitive operation via touchscreen and joystick, the Testo 883 IR Camera gives you complete control over the manual focus and interchangeable lenses. While the standard lens has field of view (FOV) of 30° x 23°, the optional telephoto lens boasts a FOV of 12° x 9°. The manual focus is exceptional for producing sharp thermal images from a distance of only 10cm, whilst the telephoto lens is ideal for distant objects and outdoor recording. Thermal imagery can be adversely affected by the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, the 883 utilises Testo ScaleAssist to overcome this issue. Automatically adjusting the scale to the optimum setting, this feature results in several notable advantages:

  •     The optimum contrast is achieved
  •     Any unimportant items are automatically faded out
  •     Misinterpretations are prevented
  •     Easier detection of weak spots
  •     Infrared images are comparable regardless of altered ambient conditions



Testo Site Recognition

For intelligent image management, the Testo 883 Thermal Imaging Camera includes the advanced feature Testo Site Recognition. Based on a QR code, Data Matrix code, barcode or Testo 2D code, thermal images are automatically assigned to the correct measurement object. This ensures engineers do not lose track of item locations and eliminates the need for tedious, manual image management on a PC. These measuring locations can then be transferred from existing inventory lists, along with collected results, for further processing in a third-party program. Often operators will have to take a considerable amount of pictures of very similar objects, Testo Site Recognition saves a lot of time and stress discerning which is which and where it is located.

Testo IR Soft & Thermography App

Compatible with the Testo 883, IRSoft is a professional piece of PC software designed to comprehensively analyse thermal images and swiftly compile impressive customer reports. With a report wizard tool guiding you step-by-step, create reports using stored or customised templates created in the report designer feature. Displaying detailed documentation in an easy-to-read format, these templates contain all the relevant information such as location, measuring task and inspection results. This advanced PC software can:

  •     Highlight the exceeding or undershooting of limit values or pixels within a temperature range
  •     Correct emissivity's of different materials for image areas or sole pixels
  •     Set an unlimited number of measuring points
  •     Determine hot and cold spots
  •     Enable comments on thermal imagery

Testo IRSoft is included with the both the standard Testo 883 thermal imager and Testo 883 Kit, free of charge and does not require a licence.

What's In The Box?

  •     Testo 883 Thermal Imager with standard lens 30˚ x 23˚
  •     USB-C cable
  •     USB mains unit
  •     Li-ion rechargeable battery
  •     Carrying strap
  •     Bluetooth headset (dependant on country)
  •     Short instructions
  •     Calibration protocol
  •     Professional software IRSoft (free download)
  •     Tough carry case


Testo part number: 0560 8830


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