Teledyne Flir C5-X Compact Thermal Camera

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  • Thermal Resolution: 160 X 120 Pixels
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +400°C
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 70mk (0.07°C)
  • Focus: Fixed , Automatic 
  • MSX Mode: Aligns the digital image with the thermal image to provide greater detail.
  • 2M Drop Tested

The Teledyne Flir C5-X is the improved version of the Flir C3-X, with an improved temperature range and higher camera resolution you can get a more professional image while still remaining on a budget. 

The Teledyne Flir C5-X comes equipped with a 160 X 120 Pixel thermal detector and a 5MP digital camera as well as featuring Flir's patented MSX technology. 

The patented MSX technology uses the onboard digital camera to enhance and emboss key aspects of the scene and overlay them on top of a thermal image allowing for much greater detail and clarity. 


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