Teledyne Flir E6-XT Thermal Imaging Camera (9Hz)

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  • Thermal Resolution: 240 X 180 Pixels
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +550°C
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 60mk (0.06°C)
  • Focus: Fixed , Automatic 
  • MSX Mode: Aligns the digital image with the thermal image to provide greater detail.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled

The Teledyne Flir E6-XT is the mid range camera in EX-XT range of cameras and will provide you with great results whether looking for hot spots in an electrical cabinet or taking accurate temperature readings.


The Teledyne Flir E6-XT comes with an impressive temperature range of -20°C to +550°C and with a thermal sensitivity of 60mk.  Wi-Fi ready which allows for easy sharing of files or reports no matter the location.  


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