image of a Vivax DR38 33kHz Sonder

Vivax D38 Standard Sonde 33kHz

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Vivax D38 33kHz Standard Sonde

Sondes are small self-contained battery powered transmitters. Sondes are propelled through non-metallic pipes and ducts and can be located on the surface by a sonde locator or buried utility locator with a sonde mode. Sondes are also built into other products such as a sewer push camera, robotic crawler camera, or attached to a jetter hose.

Sondes come in a variety of sizes which ties into how deep they can be located. Different frequencies are available which allow sondes to be located in metallic or non-metallic pipes and ducts.

  • Range of sizes and frequencies for different applications
  • End Caps compatible with popular duct rodders
  • Useable with other manufacturers utility locators
  • Long battery life
  • D38-33-AA Sonde

    1.5in (38mm) x 4.1in (105mm) long, 33 kHz, range 15ft (5m).
    1 x AA battery.

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