Unicontrol Skid Steer Kit

Unicontrol Skid Steer Kit

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Unicontrol3D offers highly intuitive and flexible 3D machine control for skid-steer grading. We simplify the operator’s job by offering user-friendly 3D machine control. Obtain high quality grading and efficient operations according to 3D design files.

Unicontrol3D makes landscape grading independent and accurate with guidance from our GNSS system and high accuracy sensors!

Unicontrol3D offers a quick introduction to machine control for skid-steer grading, a familiar interface on the intuitive tablet and instant data synchronization. Get ready for earthmoving in no time!

Full utilization with intuitive tablet interface

With a familiar android system and a portable wireless screen, the tablet is a perfect match to Unicontrol3D. The simplistic interface with easy access to menus and data ameliorates the user-friendliness of Unicontrol3D. A perfect link between UnicontrolCloud and operating machines!

The tablet allows for remote support, so assistance is always possible – no matter your location!

Instant feedback with high accuracy sensors

You can always rely on our fast-tracking sensors to continuously keep you updated and accurately informed about your grading task. With complete and exact information about skid-steer blade and tilt, the operator obtains fast and precise cycle times. Instantaneous and precise feedback from the sensors makes your grading tasks highly accurate even on the most complex surfaces!

Dual GNSS antennas with multiple constellation

With a Dual GNSS box and antennas from Unicontrol it is ensured that you execute grading tasks correctly the first time! Grading with your skid-steer will become efficient and accurate resulting in less hold-up time and rework. Obtain a precise geographical position, and complete information about your grading task.
The Dual GNSS antennas are your partners in earthmoving!

Improved coordination with Real-time integration

The cloud solution allows for instant synchronization between office, operating machines and UnicontrolRovers. Upload design files, share and update project data with ease to support your grading tasks. You will obtain a complete overview of the construction site, marked points and grading projects.

With UnicontrolCloud you increase the productivity of your skid-steer grading with easy access to design files and data.

The UnicontrolCloud enables a digital construction site!


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 8" tablet with basic 3D skid steer software
  • 2 GPS antennas
  • IMU blade sensor
  • DURO
  • 2 Year Warranty on all hardware
  • 2 years of free software updates
  • 2 years free Basic Cloud subscription

Note: The above listing does not include training, calibration or installation / fitting. Please enquire for that service.

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