Unicontrol 3D Base Kit for Excavators

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Unicontrol 3D Base Kit for Excavators


Highly intuitive 3D machine control system for all types of excavators.

Unicontrol 3D offers user-friendly and straightforward 3D machine control system that will make it easy for the machine operator to learn and use. Ensure better utilisation of resources on you rconstruction site, by making the individual machine operator more independent and productive.

  • Fast and precise execution thanks to fast-tracking sensors and continuos updates about work progress.
  • Intuitive software interface with easy access to menus and data.
  • Great accuracy and fewer errors thanks to dual GNSS box and antennas.


  • Tablet with basic 3D excavator software
  • 2 RTK GNSS receivers (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou & Galileo)
  • 2 GPS antennas
  • 4 sensors:
  • Body sensor
  • Stick sensor
  • Boom sensor
  • Bucket sensor
  • 2 Year Warranty on all hardware
  • 2 years of free software updates

Note: The above listing does not include training, calibration or installation / fitting. Please enquire for that service.

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