Unicontrol Excavator Kit

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Unicontrol Kit for Excavators

Highly intuitive 3D machine control system for all types of excavators. Unicontrol is a user-friendly 3D machine control system that will make it easy for the machine operator to learn and use.

  • Fast-tracking sensors provide instant feedback to keep you updated and accurately informed about your digging progress. Unicontrol supports all major tilt rotator brands, as well as swing-boom machines with dedicated sensors.
  • Multi constellation capability allows Unicontrol to receive all four consumer GNSS constellations to ensure optimum accuracy, and a Dual GNSS receiver provides constant machine heading.
  • A familiar android cab display is easy to operate for any smart-phone user. Intuitive Unicontrol software provides a simple interface with easy access to menus and data.

Price is for standard single, fixed boom excavator and includes:

  • Unicontrol Excavator kit.
  • 2 year Warranty on all hardware
  • 2 years of software updates


    The above price does not include installation, calibration, training or RTK corrections service.  

    The above price is for fixed boom machines. Please enquire for machines with:

    • Swing booms
    • Dual booms
    • Offset booms
    • Tilt buckets
    • Tilt rotators


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