Move Triaxial Wireless Vibration Sensor [Dynamic Sensor]

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The Move Solutions wireless Vibrometer is able to measure the velocity of the point where it is installed, providing a complete analysis of the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations. Performs real-time and remote vibrational analysis. Understand if the vibrations and stresses caused by construction sites close to the monitored structure exceed the values ​​set by the legislation in force. All sensors also record temperature, are battery powered and use the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

The Vibrometer acquires triaxial velocity data (mm/s or inch/s) through the continuous integration of the onboard accelerometer output, with a high sample rate. The sensor has two main, mutually exclusive, operating modes:

  • Programmed acquisition mode
  • Threshold acquisition mode

Wireless Vibrometers transmit accurate readings from the site via LoRaWAN. You can view and interact with your data online using the Move Cloud platform.


Vertical structures Monitoring
Performs vibrational analysis of a buildings or vertical structures under maintenance or near a construction site.

Construction sites Monitoring
Monitors the strong vibrations caused by heavy vehicles and machinery on all structures close to a construction site.

Bridge Monitoring
Performs vibrational analysis of a bridge or viaduct under maintenance or near a construction site, monitors if the stresses exceed the regulation.

Key parameters:

  • Triaxial wireless vibrating sensor
  • Acquisition of: Velocity, Frequency, Temperature
  • Standards: DIN 4150, UNI 9916
  • Local Storage of up to 2000 acquisitions, one acquisition is composed by 1024 Datapoint. All the acquisitions are also retrievable by USB Connection with a PC.
  • Absolute synchronization ±1 second
  • Acquisition: Programmed mode
  • Resolution 0.0015mm/s
  • Range of ± 50 mm/s
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Extremely simple installation with versatile mounting options
  • Ultra low noise performance
  • Built-in long-life battery
  • IP67 waterproof rating

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