Proceq Pundit 200 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Concrete Tester

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Pundit 200

Concrete properties analysis using ultrasound pulse velocity

  • Complete set of measurement modes
  • Area scanning for uniformity testing
  • The same instrument can be used with pulse-echo transducers


Correlation of compressive strength of concrete and rocks / Correlation to modulus of elasticity of rocks / Mapping homogeneity of concrete / Concrete strength estimation using the SONREB method / Quality assessment

Best-in-class Ultrasonic testing instrument providing superior features for on-site testing

In addition to the standard pulse velocity measurement, various measurement modes including surface velocity measurement, Line Scan, Area Scan, Data Logging, compressive strength correlations, SONREB and E-modulus measurement.

The area scan grid can be freely defined by the user and the colour coded results can display either pulse velocity or depth variations on the structure to quickly identify areas of concern.

Provides the unique capability to use the same display device for both classical pulse velocity testing and pulse echo testing.

Sensor / Instrument Tech Specs:

Bandwidth 20 to 500 kHz
Technology Ultrasonic pulse velocity
Measuring Resolution 0.1 us
Pulse Voltage ±100 to ±450 V (UPV)
Receiver Gain 1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB)
Nominal Transducer Frequency 24 – 500 kHz
Pulse Shape Square Wave
Pulse Delay -
Number of Channels 1
PC Software PL-Link for analysis and export data to third party applications
Display 7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with a dual-core processor
Memory >Internal 8 GB flash memory
Connections USB host/device and Ethernet
Measurement Modes Pulse velocity
Surface velocity
Data logging
Compressive strength correlation
Crack depth
Line Scan
Area Scan
Measuring Range Up to 15 m depending on concrete quality
Special Features Zoom and scroll for precise A-Scan inspection
On board storage and review of waveforms
Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
Dual cursor for manual A-Scan evaluation
Separate cursor to measure signal amplitude
Automatic and manual triggering and user-adjustable trigger threshold
A-Scan update rate up to 25 Hz
Transducers Avaiable Proceq transducers: 54 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 54 kHz Exponential, 500 kHz and 250 kHz Shear Wave
Connect third party transducers up to 24 kHz, 54 kHz, 150 kHz, 250 kHz, 54 kHz Exponential, 500 kHz and 40 kHz shear wave dry point contact

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