RTK Premium Unlimited (incl. Multi-Network SIM)

RTK Premium Unlimited (incl. Multi-Network SIM)

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Product Description

RTK Premium Unlimited + Multi-Network SIM Annual Subscription (1GB/month)

How we help enterprises

  • Increase efficiency: by managing the RTK fleet yourself. Effortlessly and instantly create new RTK accounts in seconds.
  • Strengthen proposition: by adding a cross-border network which works with every GNSS device.
  • Decrease yearly costs: while still having a accurate (<1,5cm), reliable (99,98% uptime) and user friendly RTK network.
  • Measuring as precisely as possible through our RTK Premium network: 1.5 cm accuracy, 2.000 base stations globally, 99,98% uptime since 2018,proven technology with 15.000 users, compatible with every GNSS device
  • We deliver ordnance survey raw base station data.

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