Nedo Laser Scanner Two Way Tripod

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The Nedo Laser Scanner Two Way Tripod is a professional tool perfect for any 3D laser scanning job. Its adaptable, direct gear unit allows for the laser scanner to be mounted at the top or bottom of the elevating column, giving you maximum flexibility while working. With a maximum working height of 4m, you can be sure you’ll have maximum stability and accuracy in your results.

For shaft projects, the column can be redirected and the laser scanner mounted underneath to place it into the shaft chamber from overhead. The teeth rack can reach a variety of lengths. Supplementary teeth elements can be easily connected to the previously placed section using the locking device.

Experience ultimate comfort with the Nedo Laser Scanner Two Way Tripod. The laser scanner can be lifted with a cordless power drill, and a standard screw bit is included. Enjoy stability and support with the twist-proof elevating column, centric clamp, and combi tripod shoes. Perfect for any terrain.


  • Min. effective height: approx. 1.12m
  • Max. effective height: approx. 5.00m
  • Depth of shaft: approx. 4.00m
  • Retracted length: approx.1.21m
  • Holding screw: 5/8" thread
  • Tripod adapter: 3/8" thread
  • Weight: approx. 8.9kg
  • Tripod plate flat: Ø 110mm
  • Tripod head and joints made out of: aluminium
  • Suitable for: shafts with a diameter of 205cm


  • Two way elevating tripod
  • Basic gear column
  • 4 rack elements 1m each
  • 5mm allen key
  • Magnetic bit holder for cordless screwdriver
  • Hand crank with magnetic bit holder
  • Combi tripod feet
  • Tripod adapter 3/8"
  • Carry bag

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