Leica BLK360 G2 Laser Scanner

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The all-new Leica BLK360 2G breaks open the possibilities of reality capture. With unprecedented, best-in-class scanning speed, the BLK360 makes you faster.

Reality Capture. Now.

Blaze through job sites with rapid scanning that doesn’t compromise on quality. Your work is faster, your job is easier, and you get the data you need right away.

Lightning-Fast Scanning

A supercharged next-gen imaging laser scanner, the BLK360 captures a full scan with spherical images in only twenty seconds—over five times faster than the BLK360 G1.

Complete Data Capture

With fast and agile in-field workflows, along with live feedback on your mobile device, you can be absolutely sure you’ve captured everything you need, and even more. And VIS technology automatically combines your scans to speed up your workflow and help you make sure your datasets are complete.

Create Immersive Deliverables

BLK360 data is highly valuable for so many uses—from AEC to VFX and VR—and you can easily transfer and work with it in your software ecosystem to create immersive and highly accurate deliverables and experiences.

With its unprecedented speed, the new BLK360 is perfect for use in areas such as real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction, media and entertainment, surveying, historical preservation, and so much more.


The BLK360, like the BLK2GO, BLK2FLY, and BLK ARC, connects directly to HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based storage, visualization, and collaboration platform for reality capture and geospatial data.

Upload scans to HxDR for simple cloud storage, including any E57 file or directly from compatible Leica BLK scanners.

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