GeoMax Zenius08

GeoMax Zenius08

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The Zenius08 tablet is easy to operate with both an intuitive touchscreen interface and six customizable hardware keys to quickly execute common operations. Function keys can be independently configured for use with either GNSS receivers or total stations. In addition, a dedicated hard key can lock the touch screen to prevent accidental inputs in situations such as inclement weather, allowing continuous operation with the hard keys or the universal stylus.

GeoMax also focused on rugged dependability with the new Zenius08 design. Additions like a larger rubber surface area, lowering the glass surface from the edge, and adding more protection for the batteries, all increase the tablet’s drop resistance. An improved IP rating of IP66/IP68 comes from its increased resistance to abrasion and its ability to withstand temporary immersion under water.

Price listed is for controller hardware only - contact us to discuss software and accessory options.

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